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Quartz means Quality

Quartz is Quality. It's a slogan that's been guiding us every step of the way. This makes our customers feel safe with us. Starting from the highest level of service, through equipping the plant with the most modern machines and equipment, taking care of the selection of the best raw materials and solutions to the most thorough control of the production process, which is confirmed by the positive results of numerous audits of our customers and certification bodies.

All of this is connected to the Quality Management System and confirmed by the following certificates:

Modern technologies

Modern technologies in Quartz are not only great packaging machines, ensuring high aesthetics of packaging.

Own laboratory

We have our own laboratory where we can perform simple physico-chemical analyses (viscosity, density, pH, mass compatibility with packaging). Microbiological analyses, heavy metals and other parameters in agreement with the customer are performed in recognised, accredited external laboratories.
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